Wednesday, 12. December 2012 at 18:00
Satellite conference on new product Tendoplus

New treatment option in case of tendon lesions therapy

A new  therapy  was  specifically  developed for soft tissues  injuries, such  upcoming
in  ligaments and tendons,  which  targets injured tendon structure.  This  preparation
breaks  the  inflammation  cascade  by  bounding  large
   quantities  of  liquid   tissue.
Furthermore,  it  does 
activate  all  cells,  which  are included in the healing  process.
The  injured  tendon received a kind of  “internal suspensory cast” in which the tissue
can  heal  better  and  quicker. During his conference, Dr.  Rüdiger  Brems,  Tierärzt-
liche  Klinik für Pferde Wolfesing 12, 85604 Zorneding, spoke about this new therapy
of tendon lesions with the help of cases, comparing various classic existing therapies,
such as Stem cells, PRP and ACP
of this therapy.                                                        .

Summary of the new treatment lecture                  

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